About Us

Linda Warren manages Pet Sitting, Etc. with her husband, Ward.  Linda is a graduate of The University of Texas and grew up in Garland. Ward is a graduate of Texas Tech University and The University of Texas at Arlington and grew up in Dallas. The Warrens have two grown children as well as Gidget, a feisty Chow Mix and Tidbit, a Bischon-Yorkie Mix.  Wouldn't you like to see that? Soon you will right here. Look back often. We utilize a 3-part work order to notate all of the important information about you, your trip and your animals. That way, if your sitter has an emergency, we have a copy of the information. They are never left without a caregiver. Your sitter leaves you a copy as well. If you have any questions, please call Ward or Linda at 972-385-7387 (PETS)   petsit@hotmail.com